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Review: Mario Party Island Tour is lacklustre end to 3DS's vintage year

Unlucky for some: the 13th Mario Party game is one of the worst 3DS games of the year.
Some would say Mario Party has been in a tailspin since its second instalment on N64. In truth, the downward trajectory of Nintendo's minigame mainstay began in the GameCube era, with the late Hudson Soft called upon to trot out four games in four years, to increasingly diminishing returns.

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Review: Ryse - Son of Rome has epic ambitions but is no classic

Crytek's new epic knows how to look like a classic, but comes off as berserk and brainless.
There is a scene in Ryse: Son Of Rome which must rank among the dumbest moments to occur in a video game this year.

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Review: Forza Motorsport 5 is a beautiful simulation but subdued racer

Turn 10's Xbox One debut title doesn't match the thrill of its predecessors.
After days spent with Xbox One's demonstrably beautiful racer, we loaded up its Xbox 360 predecessor and realised what's missing from Forza Motorsport 5: Vitality, speed and exhilaration.

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EA announces new title: Battlefield Hardline

Sacred 3 release moved up to early August as pre-orders open

Counter-Strike co-creator says Left 4 Dead 3 is in development

Final Fantasy III launches on Steam

Is Battlefield: Hardline EA's new police-focused FPS?

GTA Online economy designed "for the vast majority of players who will not buy extra cash"

430 PS4 Killzone bundle coming to UK

Rockstar warns gamers to expect early tech pains for Grand Theft Auto Online

EA promises game-balancing tweaks in FIFA 14 update

Just a few trade tickets left for the Games Media Awards 2013

Current-gen and next-gen FIFA 14 will feel very different

Rejection, tragedy and billions of dollars - The story of FIFA

2K brand to make driving genre debut

No plans for Capcom Essentials bundle in UK

AMD reveals Never Settle Forever free game offer

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